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Five No Budget Films
Five No Budget Films

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Movie size: 659 MB
Directed by : Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, Anamitra Roy, Souva Chattopadhyay,Arupratan Ghosh ,Sankhasubhra Ganguly
Starring : Kamal Kumar Roy, Anamitra Roy, Sankha Subhra Ganguly, Manab Sharma, Soumitra Chowdhury, Yovik, Mainak Pal, Abhishek Bhattacharya
Length : 99 minutes
Language : Bengali
Subtitles : English
Availability : Worldwide
Release Date : Jan 30, 2010
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"Five No Budget Films" is the latest venture of Little Fish Eat Big Fish, a group of Kolkata based Film makers. 1) The Sandbook --- By Snigdhendu Bhattacharya. The film is an adoption of a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. The story moves with the landing of an amazing book in the hand of a scholer, who tries to understand "the internal ties in events occuring" in and around the book in order to go through it. 2) Jean-Luc Godard Had No Script -- By Anamitra Roy. The film approaches the larger history of politically conscious films in a mimetic way. The title of the film is a bit exploitative as it is neither a spoof and has been made with a very tight script. 3) ...Or A Horror film -- By Souva Chattopadhyay. The film is an improvisation of a short story by Daniil Kharms, a little known Russian poet and short story writer.The film is about the paranoia inherent in the urban mindscape that prohibits oneself from fulfilling his/her desire. 4) A Hiding -- By Arupratan Ghosh. A little fiction, a little non-fiction, a hint of an incomplete romance, a bit reflection of social reality --- all of it punched with an uncanny voiceover, that's what 'A Hiding' is. 5) Long Live (all) the Revolution -- By Sankhasubhra Ganguly, A short film about a young writer’s struggle in the power-craving world of ideology and disbelief. Title info at IMDB:

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